New Patient Engagement Opportunity: LEADDR Program

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, July 6, 2021


The Legislative Evaluation: Assessment of Deceased Donation Reform (LEADDR) Program

In April 2019, Nova Scotia became the first jurisdiction in North America to pass deemed consent legislation with the introduction of updates to the Human Organ and Tissue Donation Act. This means that most adults are presumed to give permission for donation of their deceased organs and tissues unless they have stated otherwise. This will help increase the amount of organs and tissues that can be donated in Nova Scotia. 

The LEADDR Program is gathering evidence to inform legislative strategies to improve donation and to evaluate the impact of the overall implementation of this act. 

This research will also provide information and experience to other jurisdictions considering the adoption of a deemed consent model. 

The LEADDR Program consists of three activities: 

  • Activity 1: Define and measure the quantitative impact of the legislative reform.
  • Activity 2: Understanding the experiences of deemed consent internationally.
  • Activity 3: Understanding public and health care professional knowledge and attitudes on donation and opt-out in Canada and Nova Scotia.

About the research team

The LEADDR Program is a collaboration of five partner organizations including Nova Scotia Health, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, Canadian Donation and Transplant Research Program, Transplant Québec, and Canadian Blood Services. The research is being led by Dr. Stephen Beed, Medical Director of Nova Scotia’s Organ Donation Program and Dr. Matthew Weiss, Director of Donation, Transplant Québec. LEADDR is supported by Nova Scotia Health Administrative Lead, VP of Research, Innovation and Discovery and chief nursing officer, Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy. 

About this patient engagement opportunity

The LEADDR Program is seeking Patient Partners who are ideally based in Nova Scotia and interested in human organ and tissue donation and/or knowledge translation to help with reviewing and interpreting the initial study results and dissemination of the findings for all three project activities. The level of engagement in each activity is flexible and will be determined in collaboration with interested Patient Partners. Please note this is a non-MSSU opportunity.

How to apply

Please contact Caroline Jose, MSSU Health and Patient Engagement Researcher, at for further information or to apply to this opportunity.

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