The Autistic Adults Summit: a landmark event in the Autistic community narrative

On November 17 and 18, 2017, more than 100 participants gathered at the Multipurpose Centre in Shediac, New Brunswick, to attend the Autistic Adults Summit. Part of the MSSU-led research initiative, the CONNECT project, the Summit was an exceptional gathering for the emerging autistic community in the Maritimes. Participants came together to discuss best practices taking place in Canada and the United States and to help define the way forward for Autistic adults in in our region.

The CONNECT research team would like to sincerely thank the many people who made this Summit possible, as well as the funders and partners who support the CONNECT project. We also thank all of the guest speakers and participants for their commitment to the Autistic community.

For reference, the Summit guest speakers’ PowerPoint presentations can be viewed here. To view the Summit program click here.

The following are the stories broadcast on CBC and Radio Canada during the Autistic Adult Summit:

L'autisme chez les adultes : « Il y a beaucoup de préjugés » - Radio-Canada, November 2017

Vivre avec l'autisme à l'âge adulte - Radio-Canada, November 2017

Bulletin de Nouvelles - Radio-Canada, November 2017

'It's really worrying': Summit looks at struggles faced by adults with autism - CBC New Brunswick, November 2017