Old and New MSSU Logos

"We are the data." 

- C.A. Heggie, MSSU Patient Partner

The new MSSU logo reflects our simple belief that health-related research is about people. 

The logo consists of the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit’s acronym in English (MSSU) and French (USSM), along with a generic human face represented by graphic elements that are reminiscent of data. The elements of the human face are recognized across cultures and genders, and celebrates what connects us—we are all human. 

Health is important to us all. 

Patients and caregivers have first-hand experience and unique insights that can inform and transform healthcare. 

They are the data that drives research.

Brand Resources

Please contact the for permission to use the MSSU logo. Use of the MSSU logo should follow the MSSU Logo Usage Guidelines.

Full Colour Logos

There are three versions of the MSSU Logo. Our preferred version is called the Primary logo and should be used whenever space allows.

Three versions of the MSSU Logo


Download zipped folders containing jpeg, png, and eps logo files:

All three versions of the MSSU logo are available in black, colour reverse, and reverse (see the MSSU Logo Usage Guidelines for examples). If you would like to use these variations, please contact