Student Researcher Profile: Véronqiue LeBlanc

Véronique Thibault 
Masters Student, New Brunswick

Before moving to New Brunswick two years ago, Véronique Thibault studied nutrition at Université Laval in Quebec City, where she is from. To pay for her Bachelor studies, Véronique worked part time in a research lab. During that first research experience, she helped implement a randomized controlled trial on patients with diabetes and ways of preventing diabetes. After quickly developing a passion for the project, she wanted to continue her studies at the Master’s level in a field closely related to population health and epidemiology.

Her spouse was transferred to Sussex in 2015, and Véronique joined the Master’s program in health sciences at the Université de Moncton under the supervision of Dr. Mathieu Bélanger, Director of Research at the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick and an epidemiologist with the Vitalité Health Network.

In keeping with her research interests, Véronique did a research project on the prevalence and prevention of diabetes in New Brunswick by working on an administrative database that is unique in Canada. She received a joint MSSU/New Brunswick Health Research Foundation award to carry out her project.

Véronique has received a number of distinctions and awards for her research work and has written four articles, published in renowned peer-reviewed journals. As such, it is not surprising that Véronique was quickly recruited after her Master’s degree as the research coordinator at the Family Medicine Unit in Dieppe.

Véronique supervises students doing research projects. Whether it is by providing methodological guidance, doing a literature review, or defining the actual research question, Véronique supports the many family medicine students in the Unit and any physicians who want to do research. Her goal is to increase research capacity among clinicians at the FMU. Although her days are already very diverse and busy, she also lectures at the Université de Moncton. So a very heavy schedule!

With hindsight, Véronique smiles when she sees how much time she spends teaching today. As early as elementary school, she knew she wanted to teach. She views the future with a great deal of optimism and ambition. For her next adventure, Véronique would eventually like to pursue a doctorate in epidemiology. With that degree, Véronique would be equipped to settle in the Maritimes and pursue her passion for research.