Student Researcher Profile: Dr. Sherif Eltonsy

Dr. Sherif Eltonsy
Post-Doctoral Fellow, New Brunswick

Born and raised in Cairo Egypt, Dr. Eltonsy came to Canada in 2008 to pursue his graduate studies. Two years after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Cairo University in 2006, Sherif moved to Montreal to continue his education at the faculty of Pharmacy, University of Montreal. He received his Masters in Pharmaceutical sciences in 2011 and his PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences (Dean’s Honour List) in 2016,both in pharmacoepidemiology and population health.

Dr. Sherif Eltonsy joined the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (MSSU) New Brunswick node in February of 2016 as a New Brunswick Health Research Foundation  (NBHRF) - CIHR-SPOR-MSSU Post-Doctoral Fellow under the supervision of Dr. Mathieu Bélanger at the Université de Moncton. In this position, Dr. Eltonsy has a research focus in designing and conducting pharmacoepidemiologic studies using health administrative databases.

As to how and why he became a researcher, it seems a career in health and medicine was unavoidable for Dr. Eltonsy. His parents both practiced medicine and several of his family members, including Dr. Eltonsy’s wife and brother, are in the pharmaceutical field.

“I was intrigued with the idea and process of which a person deals with the impact of having a health issue, that translates into longitudinal information over years of follow-up that we track and analyse. Specifically, I am very interested in the road to recovery - from the day they are diagnosed to end,” Dr. Eltonsy explained. “This was one of my main reason for continuing on with a career in research.”

As a researcher, Dr. Eltonsy is passionate about two things: 1) seeing the direct results and positive impact of his research on individuals’ lives; and 2) the appreciation and recognition amongst his peers.

In his spare time, Dr. Eltonsy enjoys spending time with his family, playing squash and broadening his mind with literature.