Researcher Profile: Sarah Kehoe

Sarah Kehoe
Masters Student, Nova Scotia

Sarah is currently completing a Master of Applied Health Services Research (MAHSR) degree at Saint Mary’s University (SMU). She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in English, Minor in Journalism and a Minor in Film Studies from Dalhousie University (2009). Sarah’s MAHSR thesis proposes to evaluate the effectiveness of knowledge translation (KT) videos on breast cancer patients’ knowledge, intentions and behaviours about their cancer in their workplace.

Sarah has over six years experience in the healthcare field, both private and public. Her areas of interest include health research, psychosocial oncology, knowledge translation and patient education. She currently works in Dr. Lucie Kocum’s Work Wellness Lab (SMU) as a collaborator on a CIHR/SSHRC grant titled, The Partnership for a Healthy Workplace Response to Breast Cancer. The aim of this project is to develop workplace interventions to help women diagnosed with breast cancer. Sarah is passionate about KT research and the possibilities the future holds.