Researcher Profile: Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson
Masters Student, Nova Scotia

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Kyle attended Dalhousie University, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science. His first research experience was in a neurobiology lab where he was part of a team whose research contributed to our understanding of certain causes of blindness, and has paved the way to potential treatments. In his published work from this period, his focus was on mathematically and computationally modelling the behaviour of neurons in the retina. This experience inspired a passion for applied mathematics and statistics.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Kyle was searching for a new opportunity to apply his skills. He began speaking to his supervisor, Dr. Levy, about possible ways machine learning could enhance health sciences research. Based on his background and interest in biostatistics, he was recruited to the MSSU as a research assistant, where he contributed to the Nova Scotia Health Atlas project.

Kyle is currently entering the second year of his Master’s in Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie, and has greatly enjoyed his coursework. His current interest is in the application of machine learning techniques to drug safety and effectiveness research. Randomized controlled trials are not enough; we must leverage the wealth of observational data stored in administrative databases across the country. Developing capacity for distributed research using multiple data sources will be his focus.

Outside of research, Kyle is an avid squash player and loves to ride his bike. He has a deep interest in philosophy and hopes to translate its influence into his research.