Researcher Profile: Dr. Mahmoud Alukayli

Dr. Mahmoud Alukayli
Masters Student, Nova Scotia

Dr. Mahmoud Alukayli is a cardiac surgery resident and master’s student in the Community Health and Epidemiology program at Dalhousie University, Halifax. In 2012, Dr. Alukayli, along with his wife, moved from Saudi Arabia to Halifax to join the Cardiac surgery residency-training program.

After obtaining his bachelor degree in medicine and surgery from King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia, he started his interesting journey with the initial goal of becoming a physician, who would help his community, treat sick patients and improve the health care system. He started his career by joining the general surgery residency-training program in 2007, and achieved high levels in training, and was involved in administrative and academic projects as a chief resident. However, as Dr. Alukayli’s ambitions and goals have grown, he chose to become a cardiac surgeon.  Dr. Alukayli loves the complexity and criticality of cardiac surgery

Dr. Alukayli’s involvement in research projects since arriving in Canada, have sparked his interested in advancing his research background and become a clinician scientist. Thus, in 2015 he joined the masters program of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University.

His clinical background and research interest in cardiac health care quality and the equity of health care were the driving force to determine his master’s thesis project. Under the supervision of Dr. Susan Kirkland, he is investigating the impact of patient’s geographic place of residence on outcomes of cardiac revascularization procedures, such as stents and heart bypass surgery. The result of this project would enrich the cardiac research field, alter the decision for the procedure to be performed and improve health care equality locally, nationally and globally. He has received the MSSU studentship research award for this patient-oriented research.