Researcher Profile: Brent Cruickshank

Brent Cruickshank 
Masters Student, New Brunswick

A Saint John native, Brent Cruickshank began his academic career at the University of New Brunswick where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree. After graduating in 2004, Brent worked as a Project Engineer and Field Engineer until 2013. He also obtained his Professional Engineer certification in 2012.

Sadly, due to the oil industry recession in western Canada, he found himself wanting to expand his horizon and thirst for knowledge. With job opportunities then few and far between, Cruickshank decided to go back to school. Having a curiosity in economics, sparked from the reading of books on the subject, Cruickshank pursued his second degree in a Master’s of Arts in Economics.

Cruickshank joined the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (MSSU) New Brunswick node in October of 2015 as a Master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Ted McDonald at the University of New Brunswick., Cruickshank has focused his research in the health outcomes and health services use of immigrants in New Brunswick.

As a researcher, Brent is passionate about being able to apply economic theory to this complicated question as it will help improve the Canadian health care system, while being unbiased and insightful in his findings.

In his spare time, Brent enjoys cycling, rock climbing, and spending time with his wife and their dog.