Priority Research Projects

Supporting timely, relevant research that informs policy decision-making

At the MSSU, our collaborative approach puts us in a unique position to facilitate multidisciplinary research teams—helping to draw in different perspectives so that they can shape patient-oriented research and speed its implementation across the Maritimes. 

Each year, we take an active role in priority research projects that are designed to address current provincial health priorities and inform health policy decisions.

How these projects are identified, structured, and implemented varies from province-to-province. In Nova Scotia, priority research projects are typically identified through the MSSU NS Bridge Event, held twice each year. 

However, the overarching process is similar across all three provinces: topics for research are identified collaboratively with key stakeholders including government, health authorities, and clinicians, and approved by our Provincial Steering Committees (PSCs). In setting priorities for specific areas of research, we will consider the scope of work, timeline, and available resources. 

Once a priority research project is established, our role can vary from facilitating collaboration and connecting research expertise with the health policy decision-makers to leading multidisciplinary research teams. 

If you have any questions about priority projects, please contact