Research Profile: Mike Reid

Mike Reid  
Masters Student, Nova Scotia 

Originally from Toronto, Mike first came to Halifax in the year 2000 for his undergraduate work at the University of King’s College. After finishing his undergrad, Mike spent some time working and travelling the world before ultimately returning to the East Coast in 2011.

Under the supervision of Dr. Adrian Levy and Dr. George Kephart and with the support of the MSSU, Mike is currently in the process of completing his Master’s of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University. He will also be starting his PhD in Epidemiology and Applied Health Research in September 2017. Mike’s research focuses on the development of practical, patient-oriented interventions targeting Nova Scotian’s with the most complex health conditions through improvements in chronic disease management (CDM).

Poor CDM especially for multi-morbid, complex patients, is a dominant driver of poor health care outcomes and high utilization in Nova Scotia. From the patients’ perspective, a consequence of poor CDM may be sequential, unplanned repeat hospitalizations. This being the case, Mike’s masters work will use adjusted repeat hospitalization rates as a proxy to determine variation in community chronic disease management outcomes. His PhD work will then focus on determining what community factors are a benefit or hindrance to the effective management of chronic disease.

Ultimately, Mike’s goal is to work with patients, physicians, the health authority and other stakeholders to develop new strategies to support Nova Scotian’s with complex healthcare needs. By helping to advance new, targeted and relevant interventions for Nova Scotia’s most vulnerable patients, it is his hope that we can improve patient outcomes while supporting the responsible use of our valuable and limited healthcare resources.