Patient Partner Interviews

At the MSSU, we are inspired and informed by our engagement with Patient Partners.

Patient Partners are making a difference to patient-oriented research and contributing to the health and wellbeing of Maritime communities—and beyond.

Through a series of interviews with some of our Patient Partners, we’re sharing their stories and perspectives on patient-oriented research. 

Photo of Virginia McIntyreMeet Virginia McIntyre

For Virginia McIntyre, sharing her experience living with chronic pain was an important step in overcoming stigma and supporting others on their pain journey. We sat down with Virginia to talk about the challenges of living with chronic pain, the importance of peer support, and the role of patient-oriented research in improving care for people living with chronic pain.

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Jim JenkinsMeet Jim Jenkins

For Jim Jenkins, health research is all about the patients. We sat down with Jim to hear how to build an effective researcher-patient partnership, and why having patient perspectives at the governing level of organizations is so important.

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Juanna RickettsMeet Juanna Ricketts

For Juanna Ricketts, sharing the story of her struggle with mental illness was a part of her healing journey and a path to becoming involved in patient-oriented research. Read the interview with Juanna to hear how she found her voice and to learn about the need to make mental health a part of daily conversations.

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CA HeggieMeet Carla Heggie

For Carla Heggie, health research starts and ends with patients—they are the source of the data that drives discovery and the recipients of the knowledge it generates. Read the interview with Carla to learn more about the need to truly involve patients in research and hear how she inspired the new MSSU logo. 

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Sandra KidstonMeet Sandra Kidston

For Sandra Kidston, keeping busy helps her stay healthy. For more than a decade, she has put her energy and experience towards improving the care provided to patients with kidney disease. Read the interview with Sandra to learn what motivates her involvement in research and what being a patient advisor means to her.

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