MSSU Reports

April 2020

End-of-Life Care in Times of Pandemic: A Rapid Literature Review

  Cover of End-of-Life in Times of Pandemics
April 2020

NB-IRDT Rapid Report on Dedicated Resources for COVID-19 in NB

  Cover of NBIRDT Rapid Response Report on COVID - April 8
March / April 2020

NB-IRDT Rapid Response Reports on COVID-19 in NB


Cover of NB-IRDT Rapid Response on COVID-19 Report - March 31

March 31, 2020

Cover of NBIRDT Rapid Response Report on COVID19 - April 14

UPDATE: April 14, 2020

February 2020

Maritime Health Atlas Stakeholder Consultation Reports


Cover of Maritime Health Atlas Renewal Report

Maritime Health Atlas - Dark Horse Analytics Report

January 2020 UniCITY - Participatory Asset Map


UniCITY Report Summary

Summary - English

UniCITY Rapport Sommaire

Summary - French

  Knowledge Snapshots - Chronic Disease and Self-Management
January 2020 1 - Models and Interventions 2 - Models of Training for Health Care Providers 3 - Technological Interventions
  Cover of Knowledge Snapshot 1 Cover of Knowledge Snapshot 2 Cover of Knowledge Snapshot 3
July 2018

Fairness Dialogues 

February 2018

Nova Scotia Council of Advisors Summary

July 2017 Putting Geographic Variation in Surgical Procedures on the Map: Geographic variation in coronary artery bypass and hip and knee replacement surgeries in the Maritime provinces
  Council of Advisors Reported Findings
May 2017 New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island
January 26, 2017 Developing Nova Scotian Community Clusters for Health Service Planning and Research
February 2, 2016

Small Area Variation in Rates of High-Cost Healthcare Use Across Nova Scotia


  Council of Advisors Reported Findings
March 2016

Nova Scotia 
(January 29, 2016) 

New Brunswick
(February 24, 2016)



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