Webinar: Rapid Response Program presented by Dr. Mike Wilson

The new rapid-response service provides responses to urgent requests from Canadian policymakers and stakeholder for evidence about health-system challenges, and it complements existing programs targeted at other domains such as health technologies. The turnaround is three-, 10– or 30—busines days, in the form of a rapid (knowledge) synthesis. This webinar will examine the features of the rapid-response service as illustrated by work in Ontario, how to reach the McMaster Health Forum about setting up a similar program in other Canadian provinces and territories, and how to submit a request for your immediate needs.

When: November 20, 2014 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Where: Centre for Clinical for Research, 5790 University Avenue, Room 217.

RSVP:  Please RSVP by November 19, 2014 to Marsha Bennett marsham.bennett@cdha.nshealth.ca

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