Research using Health Administrative Data: What’s all the Fuss about Privacy? [Mar. 05, 2015]

UPDATE [Mar. 13, 2015]:

Background: Health administrative databases (which contain information such as hospital admissions and discharges; physician services; pharmacare and vital statistics) are a rich and plentiful resource for health services research. One of the key ethical challenges for the health services research community is to capitalize on this resource while appropriately protecting the privacy of those individuals whose personal health information is contained in those databases. Oftentimes researchers view the associated privacy requirements as a barrier to conducting research.

What to Expect: This session will outline the ethical and legal principles that underpin current best practices for protecting privacy in health services research. Topics such benefits and risks; general privacy principles (ethical and legal); and privacy requirements for access.

Objective: The objective of this session is to educate researchers about the ethical and legal requirements regarding privacy.  With this knowledge, researchers will be better equipped to achieve the optimal balance between the benefits of conducting research and protecting privacy in health services research.  Researchers will understand what the “fuss” about privacy is all about!        

When: March 5, 2015 10:00am – 11:00am


  • NS: Halifax Tupper B-A3
  • NB: DMNB Saint John 105

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RSVP: Suzanne Kennedy, MSSU Interprovincial Privacy and Ethics Officer:
 by March 2, 2015

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