MSSU to offer Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research Certification

In September, MSSU sent staff and a patient advisor to Ottawa to be certified to deliver CIHR's Patient Engagement Framework:Foundations in Patient Oriented Research.  Now, MSSU is offering this certification to researchers, patient advisors and health system decision makers in the Maritimes.

"This session is great for research teams or anyone looking to learn more about patient-oriented research. It has a real focus on the patient role and what these partnerships look like," says Stephanie Mason, MSSU's Education Coordinator.

In November, the MSSU will be offering the modules in both standalone sessions and one complete 2.5 day training session in December. There are three modules in total.  There are plans to offer this training in locations throughout the Maritimes. 

"If you and your team are interested in training, we'd love to hear from you at," says Mason. 

This training is delivered with the principles of co-learning, which means that patients, researchers, decision makers and policy makers come together for a richer learning experience for all.

The three modules are: 

  • Patient-Oriented Research
  • Health Research in Canada Fundamentals
  • Building Partnerships & Consolidating Teams

MSSU will be offering these sessions for free. At each seminar, lunch will be provided. 

To find out about training sessions taking place near you, visit the MSSU Training and Events calendar