Training and Early Career Development in Patient-Oriented Research

One of the key motivations for the Support for Patient-Oriented Research strategy (SPOR) is to develop the capacity of highly-qualified personnel trained in patient-oriented research. The Maritime provinces have a need for research specialty in a range of areas, including: 

  • Epidemiology and biostatistics;
  • Health systems evaluation;
  • Knowledge translation; and
  • Patient engagement.

As part of our strategy for training and capacity development, MSSU is offering support to Maritime university students and trainees engaged in patient-oriented research. Select the category that best describes you to navigate to the application pages. 

Awards for all students and trainees (Masters, Doctoral, Post-Doctoral) doing patient-oriented research  Awards for Atlantic Regional Training Centre (ARTC) students doing patient-oriented research

Students in Dalhousie University's Research in Medicine Program may receive MSSU funding through their program.

Click the link above for more information on the Research In Medicine Program.