An Introduction to Patient-Oriented Research

NOVEMBER 21 & 22
Saint John, New Brunswick

Registration closes October 14 at 6 PM AST. 

The Annual Clinical Epidemiology Workshop is is a two day interdisciplinary workshop that will provide introductory skills in clinical epidemiology methods.

Clinical Epidemiology addresses clinical issues such as predicting the course and determining the cause of disease, screening and diagnosis of disease, evaluating the burden of illness and quality of life and identifying strategies to improve the quality and outcomes of clinical care.

This workshop will include: 

  • concepts and principles of clinical epidemiology and patient-oriented research
  • forming a research question and designing research
  • measurement tools and approaches; basics of biostatistical tests
  • key concepts of knowledge translation
  • potential biases inherent in research designs
  • writing a research proposal and forming a team

In addition, the workshop will provide an opportunity to connect with other health professionals interested in clinical research. This workshop is open to any health professional who is interested in conducting research.

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