Staff Directory by Province

New Brunswick

Fredericton (Housed within the NB Institute of Research, Data and Training -- NB-IRDT)

Angela Cushing Operations Manager (506) 453-4634 email
Jonathan Boudreau Data Analyst (506) 452-6252 email
Dan Lawson Crouse Epidemiologist (506) 458-7436 email
Heidi Engelbrecht Research Coordinator (506) 452-6199 email
Philip Leonard  Research Associate and Health Economist (506) 447-3205 email
Zikuan Liu Data Officer (506) 458-7328 email
Donna Curtis Maillet Privacy Officer (506) 443-3927 email
Ted McDonald  Principal Investigator (506) 447-3210 email
Mecil McKay Administrative Assistant (506) 447-3363 email
Pablo Miah Data Analyst   email
Jennifer Moorcraft Project Coordinator (506) 447-3320 email
Kyle Rogers Research Assistant (506) 458-7024 email
Chandy Somayaji Research Assistant   email

Saint John (Housed within the Health Research Unit, Saint John Regional Hospital)

Nicole Barry Clinical Trials Coordinator (506) 648-6902 email
Lauren Cook Research Assistant (506) 638-2410 email
Samantha Fowler Research Assistant (506) 648-6189 email
Dr. Tony Reiman NB Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC) - Chair   email
Bryn Robinson              Clinical Research Manager                             (506) 649-2649 email

Moncton (Housed within the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick)   

Mathieu Bélanger Oversees MSSU Moncton (506) 863-2221 email
Anne Dezetter Post Doctoral Fellow                                         (506) 863-2273  email
Sherif Eltonsy Post Doctoral Fellow (506) 858-4414 email
Jeffrey Gaudet Data Analyst (506) 863-2273 email
Caroline Jose Research Associate (506) 863-2266 email
Marie-Josée Plourde  Project Clerk (506) 863-4691 email
Marc Robichaud Research Assistant (506) 858-4625 email

Nova Scotia


Pantelis Andreou Pragmatic Trials Program Lead (902) 494-1563 email
Leah Boulos Evidence Synthesis Coordinator (902) 473-3530 email
Brian Condran Patient Engagement Coordinator (902) 473-4546 email
Nicole Doria Research Assistant (902) 473-3448 email
Laura Dowling* Assistant Director (902) 473-6059 email
Jordan Farrell Systems Administrator (902) 494-1060 email
Katelyn Frizzell Data Coordination Specialist (902) 494-1180 email
Amy Grant Senior Health Policy Researcher (902) 473-7945 email
Marina Hamilton Director (902) 473-6059 email
Liz Jeffers Research Project Manager (902) 473-7607 email
Kyle Johnson Research Assistant    
Julia Kontak Knowledge Translation Coordinator (902) 473-7050 email
Lihiu Liu* Data Analyst (902) 494-1060 email
Sarah MacDougall Research Assistant    
Olanrewaju Orija Research Data Analyst   email
Marie Oxner Administrative Assistant (902) 473-7640 email
Akash Rupareliya Research Data Analyst   email
David Stock Senior Health Services Researcher (902) 473-8459 email
Robyn Traynor* Senior Knowledge Translation Coordinator (902) 719-9707 email
Sam Tung Data Analyst    

*on maternity leave

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown (housed within the UPEI Centre for Health and Biotech Management Research)

Hailey Arsenault Student Research Assistant   email
Molly Fowler Administrative Assistant (902) 620-5204 email
Jurgen Krause Principal Investigator (902) 566-0340 email
Robyn Kydd Information Specialist (902) 620-5102 email
Mary-Ann MacSwain Data Analyst (902) 620-5167 email