MSSU Staff Directory

The MSSU is a virtual organization with more than 50 staff members working within host organizations at five locations across the Maritimes.

New Brunswick


The MSSU team in Fredericton is based within the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training (NB-IRDT) at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Campus.

Jonathan Boudreau Data Analyst   email
Melanie Buyting Public and Patient Engagement Coordinator (506) 458-7731 email
Cheryl Cowie Operations Manager (506) 452-6252 email
Eva Christensen Research and Evaluation Manager (506) 453-4923 email
Chris Folkins Research Assistant (506) 447-3363 email
Elizabeth Fry-Rahmanian Administrative Assistant (506) 447-3363 email
Lindsey Gilbert Project Application Coordinator   email
Geoffrey Hutchin Data Transfer Coordinator   email
Zikuan Liu Senior Data Analyst (506) 458-7328 email
Donna Curtis Maillet Privacy Officer (506) 443-3927 email
Sandra Magalhaes Research Associate / Epidemiologist (506) 458-7440 email
Ted McDonald  Principal Investigator (506) 452-6199 email
Jennifer Moorcraft Partnership Liaison (506) 447-3320 email
Chandy Somayaji Data Analyst   email
Paramdeep Singh Data Analyst   email


The MSSU team in Moncton is based within the Centre de formation médicale du Noveau-Brunswick at the Université de Moncton campus.

Mathieu Bélanger Principal Investigator for the MSSU Moncton site (506) 863-2221 email
Marc-André Bouchard Research Professional (506) 858-4380 email
Jeffrey Gaudet Data Analyst (506) 858-4417 email
Caroline Jose Research Associate (506) 863-2266 email
Marie-Josée Plourde  Project Clerk (506) 858-4417 email
Marc Robichaud Research Professional (506) 858-4625 email

Saint John 

The MSSU team in Saint John is based within the Health Research Unit at the Saint John Regional Hospital, which is operated by Horizon Health.

Sarah Bridges Research Assistant   email
Lauren (Cook) McLaughlin* Clinical Research Assistant (506) 638-2410 email
Samantha Fowler Clinical Research Manager (506) 648-6189 email
Kyle Rogers Data Analyst   email
Tony Reiman NB Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC) - Chair   email

*on maternity leave

Nova Scotia


The MSSU team in Halifax is primarily based at the Centre for Clinical Research and hosted by the Nova Scotia Health Authority. The MSSU also employs a number of staff based at Health Data Nova Scotia, which is hosted by Dalhousie University.

David Anderson Nominated Principal Investigator (902) 494-8099 email
Pantelis Andreou Pragmatic Trials Program Lead (902) 494-1563 email
Leah Boulos Evidence Synthesis Coordinator (902) 473-3530 email
Ashley Crawford Research Assistant (902) 473-7642 email
Jordan Farrell Systems Administrator (902) 494-1060 email
Katelyn Frizzell Research Data Navigator (902) 494-1180 email
Rachel Giacomantonio Communications Advisor (902) 473-7569 email
Amy Grant Senior Health Policy Researcher (902) 473-7945 email
Marina Hamilton Director (902) 473-6059 email
Yvonne Hanson Patient Engagement Coordinator (902) 473-4546 email
Jill Hayden Science Lead (902) 494-4046 email
Liz Jeffers Research Project Manager (902) 473-7607 email
Julia Kontak Knowledge Translation Coordinator (902) 473-7050 email
Lihiu Liu Data Analyst   email
Vivien Obiakor Data Navigator/Analyst   email
Olanrewaju Orija Research Data Analyst   email
Liam Rowe Research Assistant (902) 473-4233 email
Alexis Rowter Communications Assistant   email
Akash Rupareliya Research Data Analyst   email
Perry Sankarsingh Evaluation and Performance Measurement Specialist (902) 473-8459 email
Lindsay Stewart Manager, HDNS (902) 494-1025 email
Sam Stewart Director, HDNS (902) 494-6287 email
Shelley Strickland Administrative Coordinator (902) 473-7642 email
Sam Tung Data Analyst   email

Prince Edward Island


The MSSU team in Charlottetown is based within the Centre for Health and Community Research at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Jurgen Krause Principal Investigator (902) 620-5192 email
Robyn Kydd Senior Researcher (902) 620-5043 email
Adelee MacNevin Administrative Office Manager (902) 620-5160 email
Amber MacQuarrie Administrative Assistant (902) 620-5202 email
Mary-Ann Standing Research Project Manager (902) 620-5167 email
Linda Gillan Young Administrative Assistant (902) 620-5202 email