MSSU Strategic Plan

The MSSU Strategic Plan (2020-2026) guides our efforts to improve the health of Maritimers through patient-oriented research. For a general overview of our work, visit our ‘About Us’ page.


To support the conduct and implementation of patient-oriented research addressing Maritime health priorities 


Better health, care, and cost across the Maritimes through evidence-informed decision-making


  • Timely responsiveness to aligned priorities
  • Decisions infused with patients’ unique insights
  • The power of creative, productive collaborations
  • Accountability to the public
  • Quality, innovation, and impact

Strategic Areas and Goals

Our work is focused on five strategic areas designed to support research that improves Maritimers’ access to high-quality and cost-effective health care:

Data Platforms and Services

  • Maintain and enhance provincial health data platforms
  • Foster a culture that values the use of data through education and advocacy
  • Provide critical support for timely access and robust analysis

Learning Health Systems

  • Identify priority topic areas and engage key stakeholders
  • Support and enable excellence in Patient-Oriented Research (POR)
  • Facilitate the adoption of Learning Health Systems (LHS) across the Maritimes

Capacity Development

  • Support the strengthening of POR-related competencies and skills
  • Extend the reach of capacity development across the region
  • Enhance the capacity for evidence implementation as a part of the LHS

Patient Engagement

  • Engage Patient Partners in governance and decision-making
  • Build capacity for and facilitate engagement of Patient Partners in research
  • Create and share tools and resources

Effective Collaboration and Alignment within and across the Maritime Provinces

  • Foster interprovincial research collaboration
  • Build a Culture of Customer Service
  • Pursue excellence in operations and governance

The MSSU Strategic Plan (2020-2026) was developed in 2019-2020 through a consultative process with staff and stakeholders, in response to the SPOR Phase II funding opportunity.

Download the MSSU Strategic Plan (2020-2026)

You can read archived copies of our previous strategic plans online:

To learn more about how the MSSU fits into CIHR’s SPOR initiative, visit our ‘What is SPOR?’ page.