MSSU Strategic Plan

The MSSU Strategic Plan (2019-2026) guides our efforts to improve the health of Maritimers through patient-oriented research. For a general overview of our work, visit our ‘About Us’ page.


To support the conduct and implementation of patient-oriented research addressing Maritime health priorities 


Better health, care, and cost across the Maritimes through evidence-informed decision-making


  • Timely responsiveness to aligned priorities
  • Decisions infused with patients’ unique insights
  • The power of creative, productive collaborations
  • Accountability to the public
  • Quality, innovation, and impact

Core Functions and Goals

We have five core functions designed to support research that improves Maritimers’ access to high-quality and cost-effective health care:

Data Platforms and Services

  • Develop and Maintain Provincial health data platforms
  • Develop and maintain data processes to support secure, timely access and robust analysis
  • Develop and maintain data sharing processes to support interprovincial data sharing and research

Research Methods Support and Development

  • Offer expertise and supports to get research into practice
  • Ensure that researchers are aware of research activities and of methods available or under development
  • Develop and maintain processes to support and conduct robust research
  • Increase engagement of researchers in MSSU programs and activities

Patient Engagement, Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science

  • Ensure that stakeholders are aware of the Patient Engagement (PE), Knowledge Translation (KT) and Implementation research supports
  • Generate and apply knowledge with patients, caregivers, and other knowledge users as partners throughout the research process
  • Support methods and evaluation of the implementation of evidence into practice and policy 

Training and Capacity Development

  • Support the strengthening of patient-oriented competencies and collaboration
  • Develop a sustainability plan for innovative training and capacity development

Effective Collaboration and Alignment within and across the Maritime Provinces

  • Support effective communication amongst the MSSU team
  • Support effective engagement with key stakeholders 
  • Support interprovincial collaboration and research projects

The MSSU Strategic Plan (2019-2026) was developed in 2018-2019 through a consultative process with staff and stakeholders. You can read an archived copy of our previous strategic plan online. 

To learn more about how the MSSU fits into CIHR’s SPOR initiative, visit our ‘What is SPOR?’ page.