Oversight Committee


The Oversight Committee (OC) is the governing body of the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (MSSU), it provides the forum for three provincial governments to collaborate and define support for MSSU. Its purpose is to provide strategic, board level support and guidance to the operation of the MSSU to ensure its success and long term sustainability. The Oversight Committee is ultimately accountable for the obligations outlined in the MSSU’s bi-lateral funding agreements and for the strategic leadership of the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit initiative.  

Roles & Activities

  • The Oversight Committee ensures the MSSU operates in compliance with CIHR's mandate for the SPOR SUPPORT Unit initiative, particularly with regard to Patient Engagement.  
  • This committee, through its membership of key stakeholders, ensures MSSU objectives align with the goals of provincial policy makers and reflect stakeholder intent while complying with relevant legislation.  
  • The Oversight Committee oversees the application of the good governance principles to the work of the MSSU with a focus on continuous improvement and long term sustainability.  
  • The Oversight Committee executes its accountability through a sub-committee, the Executive Committee (EC).  This sub-committee oversees the implementation, administration, financial management, monitoring, reporting, evaluation and Patient Engagement efforts to ensure strong administrative leadership and appropriate supports are in place.  
  • The Oversight Committee approves business plans, budgets, annual reports and makes binding decisions on issues that cannot be resolved at the Provincial or operational level.
  • The Oversight Committee plays an advocacy role for the MSSU and its work.  

Committee Members & Structure

  Peter Vaughan, Chair
Deputy Minister 
Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness
Nancy Mason-MacLellan
New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island
Tom Maston
Deputy Minister, Department of Health
Patrick McGrath
Vice President, Integrated Research, NSHA & IWK
Michael Mayne
Deputy Minister, Department of Health
Tony Reiman
Policy/Science Lead
David Anderson
Policy/Science Lead
Brian Bertelson
Policy/Science Lead
Ted McDonald 
Principal Investigator
Adrian Levy
Nominated Principal Investigator
Juergen Krause
Principal Investigator
Josee Owen
Patient Advisor

Elaine Collins
Executive Director

Jim Jenkins
Patient Advisor
  Jillian Banfield
Patient Advisor